The Wheelman's Joy (English Edition) por Sarah Chrisman

Titulo del libro : The Wheelman's Joy (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 26, 2018
Autor : Sarah Chrisman
Número de páginas : 103
The Wheelman's Joy (English Edition) por Sarah Chrisman

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Sarah Chrisman con The Wheelman's Joy (English Edition)

There is something inherently romantic about cycling, and there has been since the first riders set their wheels to the road. This collection of nineteenth-century poetry, prose quotes and bon-mots about cycling reflects both the ardent passion and the innocent affection cycling inspires. From the glory days of high-wheel cycling through the boom of the safety bicycle, riders were falling in love with their wheels, with new-found freedoms, and above all with each other. This delightful little collection tells of those days in their own words, and evokes sentiments which every cyclist will find timeless. Compiled edited and introduced by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of the charming Tales of Chetzemoka cycling club series, This Victorian Life, Victorian Secrets, and others. For more about Mrs. Chrisman and her books, please go to

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